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Creator + Cook

Hey, I'm Liisa Lee, the creator behind the lens

of Sugar Studios Inc. 

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The Story:

Liisa's used to cooking for a crowd. She got her start in the family's resort business, doing every job that owning an award winning resort entailed. Her favorite by far was cooking in the cafe', and helping guests feel welcome & cared for. 

That gave her a great foundation for a successful run as the PR Marketing Director in a multi-million dollar corporation, helping newer businesses, smaller resorts, and live events, which in turn, helped her start Sugar Studios Inc., and quickly engage national brands.

In the food photography space, she’s a triple threat. She’s an engaging photographer, a proven pr & marketing director, and a professional voiceover actor, coach & director, bringing audio and visual together successfully for brands on social media.


She’s proud of the duality in her roots that span cooking in the cafe at her parent’s rustic Florida campground resort (with ties to Disney), to selling cookie recipes and consulting on desserts for NYC restaurants, and dining at her uncle’s unassuming hotel, The Algonquin.

Awards & Nominations:

NYC Bartender of the Year - The Village Voice
As a college kid, I had no idea I was in the running to be voted on. Thank you, drinkers of NYC, for your votes!
Thank you Hunter College Lit. department.

Best Martini I've Ever Had - NYC 
This isn't a real award, but it won me $100. I make one elegant drink, friends.

MEDIA KIT  on request.

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