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Creator + Cook

Hey, I'm Liisa Lee, the creator behind the lens

of Sugar Studios Inc. 

Liisa Lee bw2.jpg

The Story:

I turned down Le Cordon Bleu. Every year I'd make a Thanksgiving feast for upwards of 28 family and friends. Every year, dad would offer to send me, and every year I'd say no. I loved food, cooking and sharing the experience of meals so much,  worried that if I learned food as a business, I'd fall out of love with it.  I've loved food  and cooking, since I was smaller than the spoon we stirred cookie dough with. When I discovered food blogging, and food photography, it dove-tailed with my PR Marketing experience and I haven't looked back. 

Awards & Nominations:

NYC Bartender of the Year - The Village Voice
As a college kid, I had no idea I was in the running to be voted on. Thank you, drinkers of NYC, for your votes!
Thank you Hunter College Lit. department.

Best Martini I've Ever Had - NYC 
This isn't a real award, but it won me $100. I make one elegant drink, friends.

MEDIA KIT  on request.

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