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Hey there, I'm Liisa, (yes, with two "i's"), and if you're here, that means you're looking for a photographer for your project, blog, menu, event, or business.  
You're in the 
right place!

I'm the writer, photographer, and recipe developer for Sugar Studios Inc. as well as my gluten-free food blog, "Truth, Love & Cake Batter."

I'm also a freelance food photographer, and social media consultant in L.A., California, working with restaurants, brands, and resorts. You can view my portfolio here.

I've loved cooking and baking for others since I was a kid, and I'm always sharing new gluten-free ideas in the kitchen.

My favorite recipes range from light and healthy to rich and indulgent. It's all about great flavors.

If you want to get started, you can head straight to my client inquiry form.

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Let's Get Started

here are a few examples of how we can work together.

Restaurant Photography, Menus & Branding: I work with your wants and needs to curate a portfolio of photos for use on your websites, menus, marketing materials and social media channels.

I help elevate your brand vision into beautiful photos and color stories

that attract customers. Reshooting and updating menus is a favorite way I work with clients.

Food Styling & Photography: I love telling stories with pictures. 
I started Sugar Studios Inc., (and "Truth love & Cake Batter" blog), as a place to share my love for food through rich and relatable imagery, with a fun, relaxed attitude, and a bit of humor. It has to be fun, right? 
I take my work and my clients seriously; myself, not so much.

I’m available to hire for photography, photo styling, and photo editing projects. 
I'm also happy to travel to you. Check out my portfolio to see more.

Recipe Development: I love to cook and bake great food, be it simple fare or indulgent meals. I'm always tweaking classics or kicking up new recipes.
That's good news for you, if you’re looking for a passionate foodie to develop, test, edit, photograph, or consult on recipes.

Much of my work consists of doing recipe development and photography packages for brands.

Sponsored Posts: Sponsored social media posts are an effective, organic way to connect to a community and increase reach to readers with your brand or product.
Sponsored posts can be a single simple post or a multi-platform series, including Instagram take-overs and live feeds. They're also a lot of fun. 

Brand Ambassadorship: As a gluten-free cook and avid baker, I use all kinds of household products on any given day, Ingredients, equipment, kitchen tools, linens, even comfortable clothing. I'm always happy to create engaging Brand Ambassadorship opportunities to showcase through my website, social media placement, or advertising space on the blog.

Freelance Writing & Editorial Work: In addition to taking fun, delicious photos and developing recipes folks love, I'm a writer. I’ve had a career in PR/Marketing, and I'm here to help. Whether you need assistance with copy, are looking for a guest poster/blogger, need an editorial content creator, or require copy writing, I'm your gal.

Product Reviews: These can be a wary topic for some, but I enjoy showing the better side of evaluating products while staying honest, finding the good, and praising them. I've reviewed restaurants, as well as perfume oil companies, and resorts.
So, for all things food - restaurants, destinations, resorts, events, baking and cooking - let’s review.

If you're interested in working together, I’d love to chat.

Please fill out my client inquiry form, and let's get cookin'!


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